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Aoishi of Iyo story


Please deepen the charm of a Aoishi
reading this. Surely, you will be enchanted
to the charm of a Aoishi.

Aoishi of Iyo story




Breath from drum

A Aoishi is a history of the earth. It explains from the generation of a Aoishi to distribution.

With post ascetics' desires

History of Mt.Ishizuchi mountain range of mountains belief. Of what did the post ascetics who had piled up severe training on the ground and Kobodaishi think?

Deep-blue charm

There is a noted garden where a Aoishi was used within the country, and people are enchanted still now.

Grave of Syouyou Tsubouchi

What tombstone did the Syouyou Tsubouchi who was an active novelist choose at the Meiji era? 

A Aoishi to garden writer and Shigemori's gardens

Do the in existence of Shigemori's garden writer to whom Isamu Noguchi was taught garden.

Kind and processing example of Aoishi

It explains all processes from the generation of a Aoishi to distribution. It introduces our original finished goods.

It is 56 years with a Aoishi

It is a message from the president of our company who has the Aoishi processing technology of a Japanese the greatest.

Construction Example

A blue stone and the blue stone product are set up in various parts of Japan.


It is a question case with a blue stone.