An eternal desire to the stone is put and pleasure is divided with the stone each other From domestically produced Iyo Blue stone from lanterns, tombstones, garden stones to monuments, monuments Everything about stones is complete

Blue stone story

Breath from drum

Iyo Blue Stone Key Visual

Fresh and green color and it seems to have been varied Iyo Blue stone is It’s very beautiful.
It is used unusually as a lot of great garden also in japan.This stone arose in middie Jurassic.
Earth and saud was a lake piled up at the bottom of the sea there received the metamorphism to the depth of underground 20〜30km including siuking of the plate under slipping temperature 200〜300 degree pressure 600〜700 atmosphere and it was formed Up heaving by big diastrophism to which the rock that can be done at the bottom of the sea is assumed to be able to do the bone union of the Japanese Islands and having some hundred million year are a blue stones of Iyo The rock is a history of the earth. If the desire is won, I cannot help feeling the breath at ancienf times in the background where a blue stones appeared by me

  • Distribution map of the central structure line and the mountains of Iyo Aoshi(googlemap)

    A blue stone is distributed in three wave river metamorphic belt that parallels the median tectonic Lieu in West Japan and called three wave river crystal kooky rock A lot of blue stones are classified in to “Chlorite schist” in that and seen in she south of the median tectonic line.

  • Ishizuchi-san
    West Japan highest peak, Mt. Ishizuchi-san


With thought

Kobodaishi(kukai) is famous for nobody to know in Japan. It travels around ground in Shikoku, it turns, and various legends have been left in various places. The roud by88 places in Shikoku is travel over the ground of kobodaishi The saint is that it walks in mountains in Shikoku and the valley and Rock mountains of a blue stones felt grand energy.
The popularity of the Yokomineji temple is high in the temple where both ascetics and kukai of the post are marginate though a lot of temples exist in the home of an Iyo blue stones

The home of an Iyo blue stones was ground of training. Enno gyojya acted around Nara in 7〜8 century and in the ascetic Ishizuchi trained and had opened Maegamiji temple.

88 places of temples of the Saijo-shi neighborhood

Deep-blue charm

Fresh and green charm. Metropolitan garden “kiyosumi Garden” in koto Ward lucid Tokyo is specified for the Tokyo specification place of scenic beauty in the wandering type woods fountain garden where an artificial hill and a great stone were arranged in surroundings on the pond. Yatarou Iwasaki is arranged after the residence at wealthy merchant Bunzaemon Kiuokuniya gate of a great stone including collected Iyo blue stones are arranged from the whole country in the purchase garden.

Temple of Syouyou Tsubouchi Aoishi grave.

1859〜1935 Born from Gifu Prefecture
明Japanese novelist, critic, translator, playwright active in Meiji era.In the masterpiece work, "Shinsei no Shiniga" "The Contemporary Praising Temperament" Translation of Shakespeare's Complete Works.

It is said that Tombuchi Yorihiro's grave which is said to have dedicated his life to the translation of Shakespeare's complete collection is a beautiful blue stone, and is gently placed as a garden stone in Shizuoka prefecture Ito city ? Kuraji temple.

Garden writer, Mirei Shigemori's works using Blue Stone

Showa's representative garden artist, Shigemori Sanimori is a person who has a strong influence on Japanese landscaping landscape with a powerful, modern unique style. The masterpiece is Tofukuji Temple length garden in Kyoto, Komyo garden garden, Daitokuji Temple Yamanouchi garden, Matsuo Taisha garden, etc, but also in Saijo city in Ehime prefecture there are four gardens private garden, for many years It is a wonder that it is being maintained while being maintained. Aoishi is abundantly used in the garden, Dane is assembled in Mick by the sharp modeling of Aoshi and the characteristic stone structure.

Image source: from Katsuyasu Nakata's WEB Site

The kind of the bluish rock

Processing Example

Processing Example

Quarrying origin: IYOSEKI Corporation

 The founder’s using the wagon and the triradius.quarring a blue stone of signature blue stone of Iyo used also for agreat garden in Kyoto piling up in the ship and having shipped it to Kinki and Hokuriku etc were starts in 195

It aims at the legend of the stone culture to be able to boast of the desire of the desire of the founder of wanting to offer an Iyo blue stone to more people and to offer the relief feeling of the mind to the succession world.

The desire to people’s stone has the special one from ancient times. The stone is built by using the stone thinking the word that loves the parson who loves god tobe a stone.

Person who quarries stone Person who carries Person who processes it Person who places. A lot of people help each other and it is possible both and to achieve the desire each other.

◆Corporate principles :
An eternal desire to the stone is put
and it is pleased with the stone each other.

Establishment: Angust 1956
Company setablishment : August 1966
Items of business: Landscape gardening stone. Cemetery stone. Architectural stone. Processing and Sale
Business area: Creation proposal in bus story . Support industry
Number of employees: 44 people

The history of the bluish rock
Is it the - Julla period in the latter period in the Paleozoic era?  Sedimentation of the mud
Is it the middle of initial ... in the Jurassic?  Metamorphism, the formation of the bluish rock
Is it a - Triassic period in a Carboniferous period?  Honshu orogenic movement

Iyoseki The history

1956 Iyoseki The history
1960 Take care of a base in saijo-kanbai and develop the collection of the garden rock and sale
1967 Take care of a base in saijo-kanbai and develop the collection of the garden rock and sale
1976 A machine of the building stones processing progresses, and complicated processing is enabled in each place
1978 The erection of the gravestone becomes popular
1985 Technology to polish bluish rock improves drastically. In addition, the examples which use  bluish rock for a garden increase
1997 The demand for bluish rock rises in Tokushima
2000 The popularity of the bluish rock rises in Kochi
2008 The beginning to sell of the petty person who used bluish rock
2010 I dig up the charm of the bluish rock as a bluish rock story again

Iyo blue stone story
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2010June, 2010 publication (C)2010 Iyoseki Corp.

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