An eternal desire to the stone is put and pleasure is divided with the stone each other From domestically produced Iyo Blue stone from lanterns, tombstones, garden stones to monuments, monuments Everything about stones is complete


2010.03.19 IYOSEKI gallery information

-leathercraft by Tanioka-
10:30am-6:30pm (lastday)-4:00pm

-bronze water and paper by Hinojo-
close:Monday and Tuedsay

opening party at IYOSEKI stone gallery
10/4/2010 2:00pm-6:00pm
the artist staying day:every Sunday 1:00pm-6:00pm


2010.02.04 gallery information

IYOSEKI gallery information

\"ceramic club\"
12-14/2/2010 10:00-16:00
entrance free / no sales

\"AKIHO TATA sculptures\"
19/2/2010-28/3/2010 10:00-18:00
entrance free / sales
close: Monday, and Tuesday


2010.01.23 culture school, February

culture school in February

●ceramic course   11、25日(木) 3,000yen/one time 
●bronze art course  10、17日(水) 2,000yen/one time
●moss ball course 6、20日(土) 1,500yen/one time

※You need to pay other material fees about 500yen.

time 14:00〜15:30

090-8976-4114(IYOSEKI stone gallery)


2009.12.17 May Nagashima ceremic in gallery

May Nagashima, ceremic in the gallery

7/2-9/1/2010, 10:00am-18:00pm
At Iyoseki stone gallery
close: Monday, Tuesday
address:1299 Sunouchi-ko, Saijo-city, Ehime-prefecture, Japan

He will stay in the gallery from noon to close.


2009.12.12 gallery info

\"ceramic and Japanese grass\"

\"Old Japanese goods sale\"


2009.12.02 culture school, December

Culture schools are done in the gallery.


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